When "Trip" Tucker assists an alien vessel with repairs, he has a "friendly" encounter with one of the crew, that leads to unanticipated results.


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Jonathan Archer
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AlmackAlana Hart

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artificial gravity | bioscan | blueberry pancake (blueberry, pancake) | catfish | chef | chicken tetrazzini (see: chicken) | dutara root | Fellebia | Fellebians | Hart, Alana | holographic | hologram | Klaang | Klingons | Klingon battle cruiser | Klingon Chancellor | Klingon Empire | Klingon High Council | mirazine | omicron band | plasma exhaust | Plomeek broth | Qo'noS | Rigellian sausage | Starfleet database | Sto-vo-Kor | teraphasic coil | Thera | UV sensor | Vulcans | Vulcan | water | Xyrillians




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Strange New World
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