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Publisher's descriptionEdit

Based on the epic two-part television episode, here now is the story STAR TREK™ fans have awaited for five long years, the story that bring together Spock -- the enigmatic Vulcan who personified the original, classic STAR TREK -- with the crew of the Next Generation.

Screenwriter Jeri Taylor brings all the excitement and wonder that have captivated fans of the smash television series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION™ to this story of Spock's forbidden journey into the heart of the Romulan Empire -- and the U.S.S. Enterprise's desperate attempts to discover the reasons for his mission there.

Join now with Captain Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and the rest of the Next Generation crew on a voyage of unsurpassed adventure, a voyage that brings them to the edge of history -- and forces them to confront a shattering betrayal!

Picard and the Enterprise crew are sent to investigate what appears to be the defection of Ambassador Spock to Romulus. Captain Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data disguise themselves as Romulans and are transported to Romulus. There they discover that Spock is actually attempting the reunification of Vulcan and Romulus, and working with a Romulan underground movement. Picard's Romulan nemesis, Commander Sela, reappears and captures the Starfleet officers and the ambassador, all as part of a plan to conquer Vulcan. The three must escape from their Romulan prison and foil Sela's plans for invasion.


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AmarieBennettB'iJikRuah BrackettBeverly CrusherDanutDataKlim DokachinD'TanGelfinaJaeJanickaJaronKlargK'VadaGeordi La ForgeMartinezMotGretchen NaylorNeralMiles O'BrienOmagPardekPerrinJean-Luc PicardWilliam T. RikerDennis RussellSarekSelaSeversonShaloteShernSpockStumpyDeanna TroiWorf, son of Mogh
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AlaskaBetazedCardassiaDeath ValleyDoraf IDulisian IVFirefalls of Gath Gal'thongHanolin asteroid beltHoalotIndianaLambdorMemphisNason BartaNew OrleansNew YorkRategRomiiStarbase 314TalemstraTennessee

Races and culturesEdit

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Starships and vehiclesEdit

D'deridex-classUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • USS GhandiIKS Kruge (Klingon bird-of-prey) • T'Pau (Merchant-class)
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-CUSS ReliantUSS Tripoli

States and organizationsEdit

Klingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireRomulan GuardRomulan SenateRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Klingon High CouncilSkidmore UniversityStarfleet AcademyUnited States of America

Other referencesEdit

1925admiralAktuh and MelotaambassadorandroidArbiter of SuccessionBardakian pronghorn mooseBendii syndromecadetCardassian WarCircassian catCircassian plaguecloaking device • "cowboy diplomacy" • dentariumdeuteriumEarl Greyensignfleet admiralgaghholodeckholograminterferometric scannerIrishjazzjolan trukekogenKhitomer ConferenceKlingon Civil WarKlingon operalieutenantlogicMelor Famagalmind meldnavigational deflectoroptical scannerpianoproconsulquantum filamentreunificationsehlatsubspacesuck salttakatransporterTrastor aleuhlanuniversal translatorwarp drive


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