Unlot, or Hugh, was a Ruddy Orion man who lived in the 23rd century.

Unlot was tahedri of his family. His family was an old one, dating back at least 5 centuries. Their first villa had stood for nearly 300 years before being destroyed by fire, and was replaced by another that stood for over 200 years. It had many additions, though Unlot considered even the 200-year-old sections to be too 'modern', and missed the earlier building.

He also represented a company that made (possibly defective) nose-filters, and guaranteed they wouldn't send someone blind.

He hosted E. D. Fitzgerald (telling him to call him by the Human name "Hugh"), and treated him to lunch and a tour of the family estate. Later, they attended a traditional Orion banquet with members of the Gamashes family and Flugol Corporation. Fitzgerald later wrote about his time with Unlot in Spacing to Byzantium: Travels in the Orion Colonies. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

It is not clear if Unlot is a member of the Gamashes family or if he represents or even runs Flugol Corporation.

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