This page lists and describes unnamed Alpha and Beta Quadrant starships (excluding those affiliated to major powers, see unnamed starships for a list of unnamed ships by affiliation)

M'klexa starshipEdit

The Enterprise discovered this M'klexa ship near the Mu Arae system in 2156. The ship's engines had malfunctioned causing the ship to be set adrift, but the Enterprise crew got it under way again. (ENT novel: To Brave the Storm)

Marrat brigand shipsEdit

Starbase 13

The Enterprise battles brigand ships at Starbase 13

In 2254 a group of at least eleven ships attacked Starbase 13. The ships, operated by Arcturan, Khodini, Orions, and renegade Humans, had formed a loose alliance to attack the starbase hoping to deter Starfleet continuing work on Project Pharos - a scheme to build a galactic lighthouse to bring order to the Marrat Nebula, and threatened the brigand's criminal activities in the region.

The USS Enterprise arrived at the starbase in time to defend it, but not before it's docking array was damaged. The Enterprise destroyed one of the attacking ships before the rest broke off and retreated. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

Ngultor victimsEdit

In 2254 a Ngultor mothership had a malfunction with its warp drive resulting in the ship stumbling into space in or near the Federation. Needing repairs to get home smaller Ngultor ships were launched to harvest materials. The Ngultor attacked several small ships in the area, and harvested the required components to make repairs to their entirely biological systems; the ships' crew. Left behind were empty ships, with nothing but an inert grey slime coating the instrumentation; the result of a virus the Ngultor used to disable the ships.

The USS Enterprise was dispatched to investigate after several of the ships were discovered. In his log, Captain Christopher Pike described the ships as a fleet of Marie Celestes; with the crew gone, meals left half eaten, and logs left half-complete. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

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