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Unnamed Borg spheres

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This article lists Borg spheres without any known designations.

Cyberman alliance cubesEdit

At least one Borg sphere was part of the Borg-Cyberman fleet, which consisted of dozens of Cyber-ships and Borg cubes, during the alliance between the two cybernetic races in 2368. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 2")

Borg spheres
Sphere 194Sphere 196Sphere 211Sphere 212Sphere 222Sphere 634Sphere 878S618-05464S618-08467S618-16441S618-16841S618-16851S618-18641S618-18647S618-18741S618-19414S618-19841S618-48615S618-56160S618-61105S618-61618S618-61871S618-64111S618-64164S618-64168S618-68105S618-68106S618-73518S618-76815S618-91444S618-94641unnamed Borg spheres Borg

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