The following is a list of unnamed Cardassian characters.

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Cardassian freighter captainEdit

In early 2366, this Cardassian freighter captain traveled to Terok Nor on a supply mission, and stopped off in Quark's for a drink and some rest. However, his rest was disturbed when he thought that he heard some invisible force sniffing his glass of Gamzian wine. Despite, Quark's reassurances, the captain continued to check the air surrounding his table. (TNG novel: Vectors)

Quark's Bar patronsEdit

In early 2366, a group of Cardassians frequented Quark's during their off hours for a few drinks and a game of Dabo. After one of the patrons ordered some Romulan ale from the bar, Rom proceeded to bring the drink over to the table and accidentally dropped the drink on the patron. Being understandidly upset for having Romulan ale poured over him, the group then proceeded to get all of their drinks and pour them over Rom. Eventually, other patrons in the bar also joined in, with Quark selling replacement drinks. (TNG novel: Vectors)

Mining supervisorEdit

A helmeted Cardassian soldier informed his gul of a temporal disruptor embedded in a wall of the mining operation they worked in, during a 2369 evacuation that was part of the withdrawal of the occupation of Bajor. (DS9 comic: "No Time Like the Present")

Mining gulEdit

A Cardassian gul in charge of a uridium mining operation on Bajor made a decision to collapse a mining tunnel when his crew discovered a temporal disruptor embedded in a wall. Because of the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor, there were no Bajoran laborers left to excavate the device, and riots during the evacuation made recovery impossible. (DS9 comic: "No Time Like the Present")

Rekkel navigatorEdit

In 2362, this Cardassian served as the navigator of the CDS Rekkel when it was attacked by a Talarian warship and much of the senior crew was killed. (ST novella: The Slow Knife)

Tantok Nor glinnEdit

In 2362, this officer informed Sanir Kein that the restaurant she had eaten at previously had been closed for refurbishment. (ST novella: The Slow Knife)

Trelar's motherEdit

Trelar's mother

Trelar's mother.

(DS9 comic: "Old Wounds")

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