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This is a list of unnamed Chandir.

Dom-jot playerEdit

In the year 2327, a tall Chandir was playing dom-jot at the Bonestell Recreation Facility in Starbase Earhart. (TNG episode: "Tapestry")

DS9 visitorsEdit

Chandir couple

Two Chandir on DS9's promenade in 2369.

In 2369, two Chandir visited Deep Space 9 not long after the Federation Starfleet had taken over the station from the Cardassians. These two and/or other Chandir individuals became regular visitors or station residents until at least 2375. (DS9 episodes: "Emissary", "The Nagus", "The Storyteller", "In the Hands of the Prophets", "The Homecoming", "Heart of Stone", "Family Business", "Facets")

A blue/purple Chandir was at DS9 in 2370. This individual was caught up in panicking crowds as they sought escape from a bomb. (DS9 comic: "A Short Fuse")


At least one Chandir was assimilated by the Borg prior to 2373. (VOY episode: "Infinite Regress")

Bar flyEdit

In 2381, a male Chandir was attempting to flirt with Cyral Nine at a bar on Nivoch when Gariff Lucsly and Marion Dulmur stopped him. Afterwards, he attempted to flirt with a Boslic woman. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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