This article contains a list of unnamed Galaxy-class starships.

By YearEdit

Docked in SpacedockEdit

In 2354, an unnamed Galaxy-class starship was docked at the Earth Spacedock when the USS Benjamin Franklin returned from its training mission. (TNG novel: The Haunted Starship)

Considering the date of the novel, this ship could possibly be the prototype USS Galaxy, which was undergoing performance trials around this time.

In 2377, there were seven to ten Galaxy-class starships part of the 18 ship fleet defending Earth when USS Voyager returned home. (VOY episode: "Endgame")

Alternate timelinesEdit

Claude Picard's armadaEdit

Claude picard armada

Claude Picard's dozen Galaxy vessels

In an alternate timeline, where Starfleet had been subjugated by the whims of dictator Claude Picard by the 2360s, an armada of at least twelve Galaxy-class starships was organized to hunt down the USS Enterprise, which had been taken over by a group of rebels led by Captain William Riker. After a brief communication with the rebels, Picard ordered his vessels to open fire and destroy the Enterprise. (TNG - Annual comic: "The Gift")


Geble IIIEdit

Several derelict unnamed Galaxy class ships were found in orbit around Geble III where the USS Nightingale and USS Sovereign saved their escape pods.(TNG video game: Bridge Commander)


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