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This is a list of unnamed Federation starships of the Nova-class.

Battle of Wolf 359Edit

Nova Wolf 359

At Wolf 359

On January 9, 2367, the wrecked saucer section of an unnamed Nova-class ship was retrieved by a Starfleet utility vessel, eight days after the disatrous Battle of Wolf 359 against Locutus's cube. (ST reference: Ships of the Line 2015)

Battle against the BorgEdit

Nova Hive

Under attack from the Borg

On stardate 59844.9 (2382), an unnamed Nova-class science vessel was part of a combined Federation-Borg fleet massing to combat the Voldranaii. The extra-dimensional invaders were a ruse created by the Borg Queen, who then ordered to destroy the Federation fleet. The Nova-class starship took fire from a Borg tactical cube and was heavily damaged. (TNG - Hive comic: "Hive, Issue 3")

Battle of Procyon VEdit

Nova at procyon v

A Nova-class starship at the Battle of Procyon V

In an alternate timeline where the Delphic Expanse expanded unhindered, a Nova-class vessel participated in the Battle of Procyon V between the Federation and the Sphere Builders. (ENT episode: "Azati Prime")



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