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Unnamed Starfleet personnel (alternate reality)

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List of unnamed Starfleet personnel from an alternate reality.

Unnamed personnel by assignmentEdit

Academy instructorEdit



A Starfleet Academy Instructor, name unknown, was tasked with training cadets in the use of the transporter sometime in 2248 of the alternate reality created by Nero. During his briefing, one nervous cadet kept interrupting with absurd questions about the transporter. (TOS commercial: "Transporter Commercial")

Nervous cadetEdit

Nervous Cadet

Nervous cadet.

A nervous cadet, name unknown, was a cadet in Starfleet Academy as of 2248 of the alternate reality created by Nero. He was quite nervous about transporter use, and asked a number of absurd questions of his instructor during a transporter briefing. When he was finally beamed down to a planet, he fainted. (TOS commercial: "Transporter Commercial")

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