This is a list of unnamed Tholian starships of the Tarantula-class.

By yearEdit

2409 Tholian incursion into the Tau Dewa sector blockEdit

In 2409, the Tholian Assembly invaded the Tau Dewa sector block, engaging the Romulan Republic and its Allies. (STO mission: "New Romulus Aid")

Unnamed Tarantula-class dreadnoughts accompanied the Presa Gran, Zagristi and Zlo'Pauk when they engaged Borg fleets in the Azure Nebula. The Romulans and their Allies engaged the Tholians and the Borg, obliterating their forces. (STO mission: "Tholian Red Alert")

Alternate timelinesEdit

Pastak and Tarantula

Destroyed by the Pastak.

In an alternate timeline where the USS Enterprise-C withdrew from the Battle of Narendra III in 2344, an unnamed Tarantula-class dreadnought arrived at the Tholian base in the Azure Nebula in 2409 to prevent the time travelling Enterprise-C from escaping through an anomaly. Then the USS Pastak arrived, a Temporal Integrity Commission science vessel from the 29th century. The Pastak fired a full volley of chroniton torpedoes at the dreadnought, causing it to explode. Pastak and Enterprise subsequently joined forces against the remaining Tholian starships to enable Enterprise's journey through the anomaly. (STO mission: "Temporal Ambassador")

By locationEdit

Trexelian ExpanseEdit

Around stardate 73XX.6, an unidentified Tarantula-class dreadnought was one of the ghost ships Counselor Neelix could summon during battles and war game engagements. (ST video game: Trexels missions: "Skirmish", "Events")



Tholian Assembly Tarantula-class starships
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