This is a list of unnamed androids.

24th centuryEdit

At the Eridian VaultEdit

In the late 24th century, a massive, black-armored android was stored in Bay D11 of the Eridian Vault on Eris in the Sol system. The android was inactive and concealed in the Vault by the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations to prevent changes to the timeline. The android was twice the size of a Human. A text emblazoned on its chest stated not to activate the android before stardate 100952 (2423).

On May 2, 2384, DTI agent Teresa Garcia found the android seated in Bay D11 but was stopped from tampering with it by her senior partner, Agent Meyo Ranjea. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)

31st centuryEdit


In an alternate timeline, androids were among among the crowd which came under attack from Certoss fighters in the London Metrocomplex on Earth on Day 266, 3051. They were treated in a hospital after the attack was repelled by the Temporal Intervention Agency. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)

Police officerEdit

An android police officer with Romulan features was about to question the time travelers appearing on a plaza in the London Metrocomplex when her arm was shorn off by a Certoss fighter's energy weapon as she shielded a civilian bystander from the attack. She survived and carried the bystander to safety. The victim of the Certoss attack were cured by medical drones of a London hospital. (DTI eBook: The Collectors)

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