This page lists unnamed facilities

Spacedock facility (2251)Edit

Pike and April in Dock

Pike and April in the spacedock facility

In 2251 the USS Enterprise and another unnamed Constitution-class starship were docked at this spacedock facility. The facility included several curved platforms on multiple levels which lead around docked ships, and directly too docking ports on the ships. The facility also featured large platforms, with equipment such as cranes was stations. Ships in the facility were services by two types of unnamed small craft.

Various Starfleet personnel were given access to the platforms in the facility, including in that year Captains Robert April and Christopher Pike; who walked to the Enterprise around the facility's platforms, where at the docking port Pike boarded the vessel to assume his new command. An Andorian was also present in the facility in that year. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

The platforms appear to be open air, indicating either that the entire spacedock facility was pressurised, or that the platforms were force field enclosed. Alternatively the facility could be a large terrestrial location, with the starships brought in to land.

Recreation facility (2251)Edit

Recreation facility

The recreational facility in 2251

This unnamed recreation facility, frequented by Starfleet personnel, featured a large open space with several tables for patrons to occupy. The facility had views into space and a nearby planet.

In 2251 Captain Christopher Pike met Number One in this facility to offer her the position of his first officer on the USS Enterprise. While she had hoped to get her own command soon she willingly accepted for the opportunity to serve under Pike. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

As this also appears to be a Starfleet facility where Pike was present in 2251 it is entirely possible it is an area of the spacedock facility the Enterprise was docked at when he assumed command.

Terrestrial facility (2253)Edit

Terrestrial facility 2253

The buildings of the facility in 2253

This terrestrial facility was located on a planet with a red/orange sky in an area of predominantly reddish rocky features. The facility was comprised of a large complex of buildings connected by a system of lifts and covered walkways. The facility was frequented by Starfleet personnel, as well as individuals of the Tellarite and Vulcan species.

This facility was visited by Captain Christopher Pike, Number One and Doctor Phillip Boyce in 2253 where they met with then cadet Spock to recruit him as the Enterprise's replacement science officer. After the meeting Pike and Byrne took a lift through part of the facility, in which they discussed their first impressions of Spock. (EV comic: "Flesh of My Flesh")

The red sky and terrain around the facility may indicate it is situated on Vulcan.

Conspirator's complex (2370)Edit

See: Conspirator's complex

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