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Unnamed stars and systemsEdit

Kelly Green systemEdit

This star system was the home of at least one planet that was code-named K-G, or "Kelly Green", in 2366 by the crew of the Federation starship USS Enterprise. (TOS comic: "The Planet of No Return")

System makeup

Blue class B in the Kyr areaEdit

A blue spectral class B star was identified as a possible nova candidate by Science Officer Helman aboard the USS Enterprise in 2269. The star was located about 9 parsecs (or 30 light-years) away from Kyr. (TOS novel: Spock, Messiah!)

White dwarf in the Rasalgethi areaEdit

K't'lk was testing the inversion drive aboard her cutter vessel when she was unexpectedly confronted with Klingon attackers. She hurriedly "re-elected" her mass in a different direction and ended up in the corona of a white dwarf star that was adjacent to Rasalgethi. (TOS novel: The Wounded Sky)

Class A binary in Alpha QuadrantEdit

Core reaches space

Star chart showing the class A binary.

A binary star of two class A star companions was in the vicinity of Kornephoros, in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. (ST reference: Star Charts)

This binary was on the edge of the "United Federation of Planets I" map page and did not have a label.

Lukari home sun Edit

Located on the coreward edge of Ferenginar sector in the Alpha Quadrant, this G1V-class star was orbited by a micronebula and multiple gas giants, one of which was orbited by the Class M moon Lukari. An unknown party attempted to tamper with the timeline by destroying the star with a trilithium torpedo, but the Alpha Quadrant Alliance was able to foil the plot with help from Kal Dano, a time traveler from the 31st century partially descended from the native Lukari. (STO - "Future Proof" mission: "Sunrise")

System makeup

Unnamed Star System (Swarm)Edit

Located between the Copernicus system and Beta Reticuli, this star system was visited by the Swarm, a fleet of linked automated units, and the USS Enterprise around Stardate 4575.9.

It may only have been a single star with no planets or other bodies orbiting it as no mentionings to these were made during the visit.

The Swarm destroyed the star by accelerating its life cycle with chronometric radiation to the point that it entered the Supernova phase of its existence. The Swarm did this in order to collect the released stellar matter and energy to refuel itself.(TOS comic: "Swarm")

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