Unoro was a male trinae Tezwan who served in the Assembly as a member of the Gatni party. He was regarded as a master dealmaker.

Unoro served as minister of justice, and was the only trinae other than Bilok who was still a senior minister as of 2379, after Prime Minister Kinchawn had began systematically moving trinae out of power.

Bilok had personally mentored Unoro throughout his career which is why he was trusted enough to be invited to the Gatni war council that Bilok called where it was decided that they would attempt to overthrow Kinchawn and his government.

After surving an assassination attempt, he joined Bilok and the other surviving Gatni ministers in entering Kinchawn's then vacated office and surrendering to the Federation on behalf of Tezwa. As the new prime minister, Bilok soon appointed Unoro as his new minister of state. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

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