Queen Armada

aka Feroz Y Khan

  • I live in Durham Region
  • My occupation is outpatient
  • I am transwomen
  • Queen Armada

    Member of UFP Gattaca

    February 1, 2012 by Queen Armada

    Gattaca was my home in my pastlife and is a galaxy far opposite the Alpha quadrant and is the home of space Americans.They would have or were jipped while fighting and manipulating their surrounding enemies.They are a few states in America.They had policies on the French after defeating Galactica and laws and are full of police and military.They though never merged or linked to the Federation searching through space.If they merged then a full report would have been done and the UFP and Starfleet would have seen it Gattaca's way and upgraded and made new class Gattaca starships.Everthing in Gattaca is UFP and Starfleet agreeable as they have very wise judges and high ranks.They are very old more older than religion.They are space traveling …

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  • Queen Armada

    Allah Pak with Q

    November 21, 2011 by Queen Armada Allah Pak made Q and the Continuum.Q has less power than God,William Stryker and Brian Wilson.Q has less power than Allah Pak and has to do an episode with Allah and I have brought in Allah Vince John Muckler.Muckler is not Allah's face and his face is slim with rings around his eyes and a wolf like voice but human,deep voice and John Muckler does not have this.Allah would do things different.But can speak to Q and they dialogue and in Star Trek.Allah is the creator of everthing and made angels like Q.Allah would correct things and Q can tell us about how much power Allah has.Q is in Star Trek so is Allah Pak. Star Trek with Q episodes is religion which is Q…

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