• Ralok

    Wiki Ideas

    February 15, 2013 by Ralok

    I am a rather rabid wiki-founder, some of them I have more-or less abandoned for lack of interest . . . some aree just info-dumbs for when I take notes . . . some are because other wikis are mishandling their subject-matter (planet 51 wiki, and chronicles of riddick wiki) and need a fresh start.

    personally, I lack the enthusiasm to create a new star trek wiki. I am a Burroughs fan first and foremost, but I contribute on any wiki that I can. I have two ideas for new trek-themed wikis . . . why am I not bringing this up on memory alpha? or some other star trek fansite?

    Honestly, because most star trek fans are far to dismissive of non-show works, even being malicious and hateful of the very concept of it. As if these writers and creators perfo…

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