V'asumi was a martial art that was practiced by the Vulcan race which emphasized the use of speed and skill.

The duo katas of this fighting discipline were an exercise and an art form that were based on the simulation of combat. This meant that they were fatally fast and potentially lethal with several terminal maneuver which required a sparring partner to not miss the beat in the reading of their opponent moves or in demonstrating a blow of millimeters short of a deadly impact. When done perfectly, the control during the moves made it appear as an ancient dance of sworn warrior brothers. The locking of the wrists of the right arm was a sign of a warrior's acknowledgement to each other after which they stepped back to bow. During such combat, it was considered that the desert lived in that area with the Le-matya.

The green sash that one earnt from V'asumi was only a Vulcan childs earning which was typically earnt before the Kahs-wan trials at the age of seven. This martial art was known to restrain strength but not power. The practice was not similar to K'asumi with the difference in strength between opponents was ineradicable. some felt that the difference was no excuse for acceptance of a less than full potential which meant that lowering ones level to anothers was considered an outrage. The T'hyvaj was a mirroring exercise that was a part of the Asumi martial art which was not taught to other species as it was from the ancient path of warriors - from T'hy'la before the modern days.

In the 23rd century, Spock had taught several members of the USS Enterprise crew the V'asumi art. James T. Kirk had managed to obtain a green sash in the martial art. When Admiral Savaj learnt of this, he wanted to see a demonstration of the crews performance in the martial art exercise. After the end of the exercise, Savaj scolded Spock for reducing his potential in order to allow Kirk to fight. (TOS novel: The Prometheus Design)

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