Vaavek was a male Vulcan who worked as an agent of the Asfar Qatala crime syndicate in the early 24th century. In 2336, he assumed the identity of Sivek, a V'Shar agent who had been killed on {{|planet|Vulcan}} (presumably by Vaavek himself), and stole a warp shuttle, T'Pol. Along with his Qatala colleague, Talma Pren (posing as Starfleet Intelligence agent Laura Burke), they boarded the USS Enterprise-C and took custody of Commander Samir al-Halak. With Halak, Vaavek later shuttled down to a dead pre-Hebitian planet near Cardassian space to investigate a rumors interspatial portal. On the planet, Vaavek was shot and killed by rival agent Su Chen-Mai. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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