Valdyr was a Klingon female, the daughter of a warrior who served under Kruge. She looked up to Azetbur and considered her a role model.

After Valdyr's father was killed on the Genesis Planet, Kamarag took in the rest of her family, making him Head of her House. After her mother and brother were killed by the explosion of Praxis (due to the frequent meteor showers raining on the planet) in 2293, Kamarag took the rest of the family to his compound.

In tradition, female duty was to watch over prisoners, run a household, tend to her husband's children; Valdyr had also had a marriage arranged between her and Captain Karg, but that idea didn't please her, so she aided a kidnapped Peter Kirk in getting away from the compound. Peter had been drugged and kidnapped by members of the Keep Earth Human League and (unknown to the KEHL) handed over to the Klingon Kamarag who wanted to use him as a way to lure and kill his famous uncle, James T. Kirk, whom Kamarag considered responsible for the death of his protegee, Kruge. Valdyr, who had fallen in love with Peter, successfully got him to safety in the Federation. (TOS novel: Sarek)

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