Vanov was a male Ardanan who, as of 2377, served as Historian to Elected High Advisor Larin Nelois. That year, Vanov presented Captain Montgomery Scott with a collection of Ardanan artifacts, called carns. One of these carns released a parasite which infected Crewman Fabian Stevens, imbuing with the cognitive abilities of the former Sentinels of the Cloud City of Stratos. Vanov, secretly a member of the New Future political movement, then tried to murder Stevens, in order to prevent him from saving the endangered city. Vanov instead nearly killed Dr. Bartholomew Faulwell, who pushed Stevens out of the way of a booby trap Vanov had triggered. Vanov was eventually taken into custody and held in the brig of the USS da Vinci. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

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