Varis was a Romulan Major in the Romulan Star Empire in the 24th century.


By the year 2385, Varis had been assigned to the Repatriation Committee, which worked to returned prisoners of war from the Dominion War, specifically those gathered on the Romulan front.

In November of that year, Starfleet Captain Ro Laren, commanding officer of starbase Deep Space 9, contacted her on behalf of Cardassian prisoners of war who had fallen out of contact. The first conversation didn't end well, Varis claiming she and the Romulan Star Empire were offended that Ro had talked to Elim Garak, Castellan of the Cardassian Union, first and not come to the Romulans directly.

Later on, Varis traveled to Deep Space 9 (II), on orders from her superiors, who wanted her to fix the problem before it became a diplomatic incident. Varis arrived in the midst of a Cardassian demonstration outside the Romulan consulate on DS9, causing her to fire a disruptor into the air to halt the demonstration. Afterwards, her and Ro met once again, where Varis found herself telling Ro the truth about the prisoners. Varis admitted that the prisoners of war hadn't been returned earlier due to the fact that some had started families with their Romulan captors. Upon informing Ro of this, Varis requested it be kept quiet, not long before Ro requested the prisoners be able to talk to their family members on Cardassia Prime and then decide what to do with them from there. Varis agreed, later allowing the former prisoners of war to meet their families on DS9. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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