Ensign Vaylin Zaand (also known as Omal) was a Rhaandarite Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS Enterprise in the 2270s.

Born in 2188, Zaand considered himself "young" in 2273. During the V'Ger crisis of that year, Ensign Zaand manned the security station on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Before the Enterprise broke Earth orbit, he called into question the validity of Admiral Kirk's place aboard-as opposed to Captain Decker, who has been in charge ever since the refit. He was quickly rebuffed by Uhura on their doubled chances of success with Kirk's presence and experience. (TOS novel: Ex Machina, TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: The Motion Picture)

In the Star Trek: Untold Voyages comic series, Zaand was known as Omal. The bridge Rhaandarite's one line was cut in the theatrical release of the movie, and its first video release, but was restored for the TV premiere and the "special longer" version on commercial home video. Robert Wise approved the line for use in the DVD "Director's Edition" of the movie. The character was unnamed in the movie, called "Alien Ensign" in the script and "Alien Boy" in the closing credits.
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