The Vega Proxima natives were a civilization that inhabited the planet Vega Proxima, in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant, in or near Federation space. By the 22nd century, this civilization had some technological refinements, and was in the midst of an era of nuclear weapons.

By reference stardate 1/2803, Vega Proxima was in a state of war. Two major organizations of nation-state governments had begun an escalation that led to the launch of a nuclear missile. A Federation starship was in orbit observing the world at the time, and Starfleet Captain James Smithson took initiative to use his ship's laser weapons to detonate the launch before casualties occurred. Because he violated the Prime Directive in saving the Vega Proxima inhabitants, Smithson was court-martialed, the first Starfleet officer to face such a tribunal for a Prime Directive violation. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

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