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Vel was an Akritirian male who lived in the 24th century.

He was a member of the terrorist faction know as Open Sky, a group of self-proclaimed patriots. In 2373, he extracted paralithium from his own freighter and synthesized it to trilithium in order to conceive an explosive device.

This device would later be used in the bombing of the Laktivia recreation facility on Akritiri. The bombing cost the lives of forty-seven Akritirian. Eventually two Humans, Harry Kim and Tom Paris who were visiting from the USS Voyager, were wrongly accused and sentenced to the Akritirian maximum security detention facility.

In order to save his sister Piri from prison, he led Voyager to the detention center where Paris and Kim were detained. Captain Kathryn Janeway let the duo go without facing the Akritirian authorities. (VOY episode: "The Chute")

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