Velluto's was a restaurant located in the city of San Francisco on Earth, nestled amongst the white towers on the incline of Nob Hill. In the 2250s and 2260s, the proprietor of the restaurant was a man named Sal. The restaurant was decorated in a Mediterranean style, with immense skylights, colorful pottery and various paintings, including a mural of Positano, scattered around the building

During his senior year at Starfleet Academy, James T. Kirk ate at the restaurant every Sunday night, often accompanied by Gary Mitchell. During his visits there, Kirk became fond of the veal saltimbocca dish, as well as the tiramisu.

Doctor Leonard McCoy discovered the restaurant after he took the Earth-based researcher assignment at Starfleet Medical, and he soon became fond of the seafood fra diavolo.

When the USS Enterprise arrived back at Earth in late 2265, McCoy agreed to meet Kirk at Starfleet Headquarters where they decided to have a meal at Velluto's, following a walk across the city. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Enterprise)

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