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Venom is a toxin produced biologically by several life forms, used to either secure prey and/or to defend from predators. Some venoms can cause illness, can even be fatal to Humans, other species.

  • Earth:
    • Certain insects, such as Bees and Ants, Wasps
    • Some fish, such as the Stonefish and Jellyfish
    • Some shellfish, such as the Cone Shell
    • Certain Arachnids, such as Scorpions and Spiders, Ticks
    • Certain Reptiles, incl. Snakes
    • Certain Amphibians, especially certain frogs (Poison Dart Frog) and Toads, Salamanders
    • Shrews
    • The Oilbird
  • Other Planets:
    • Neural - The Mugato
    • Klingon Home World - The Klingon Reptoid predecessor has poisonous fangs (When Worf morphed into this organism, he spat poison, like a spitting cobra at Dr. Crusher and injected it into other crew personnel on the Enterprise D)


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