The VenomThorn class disruptor turret was a type of fixed emplacement used by the Romulan Star Empire.

This class of emplacement were considered an essential element within a Romulan colony's security system; it was effective against both external and internal threats. In relation to its external application, it served as a defensive security hardpoint. Typically placed around the perimeter of a Romulan colony, they are integrated into the defensive network and guided by the Security Bureau's tactical computers whilst being powered by the main power grid. These turrets were capable of delivering an exceptional volume of firepower in defense of the colony. However, Romulan dissident factions often claimed that the turrets were also an active tool in the repression of the colonists.

The purpose of the system was covert monitoring of the dissidents whilst claims of mind control devices and Tantalus field's are thought to be fanciful. The turrets were capable of rotating through 360 degrees were seen as a tactical necessity and often enhanced the threat they posed to colonists. A notable weakness within the VenomThorn class was that for a system designed to combat enemy strikes had such a low shot strength and yet still possessed a powerful short range sensor grid. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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