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The Verathans were a Gamma Quadrant civilization formally native to the Verath star system.


Their civilization reached its height around thirty thousand years ago, creating an empire including two dozen systems and connected by a highly-developed trade and communications network. (DS9 episode: "Q-Less")

The first Verathan explorers to venture into space charted the deep impressions in the fabric of space-time that were created by 0 five hundred thousand years earlier. (TNG - The Q Continuum novel: Q-Zone)

Vash and Q visited the Verath system between the years 2367 and 2369. Vash obtained a statue depicting Drohlak, the prime ossemite of the Verathan 19th dynasty, that she and Quark would later sell in an auction on Starbase Deep Space 9. (DS9 episode: "Q-Less")



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