The Veretha was a Son'a Solidarity starship, a destroyer vessel in service to the Son'a Command in the 24th century. This Son'a destroyer was active in the 2370s decade. (ST video game: Armada)


In the year 2376, Veretha was one of a number of the Son'a civilization's vessels active throughout the galaxy's Alpha and Beta Quadrants. In that year, the Veretha was one of the renegade ships attacking Outpost 40 in a bid to lay claim to Ba'ku. The Starfleet forces present, led by Ambassador Worf of the USS Avenger, successfully defended the Outpost and defeated the renegades. (ST video game: Armada mission: Paradise Revisited)

On stardate 53551.6, Veretha was found adrift by USS Avenger in the Ikolis Expanse. Ambassador Worf had an away team beam over to take control of the vessel. With the additional firepower provided by the Veretha and other salvaged ships, the Avenger was able to hold off Toral and his ships long enough to escape the Ikolis Expanse. (ST video game: Armada mission: Vendetta)


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