Versailles was a colony moon, made for the exclusive purpose of being a "vacation moon" designed after the late-18th century city of Versailles, in France on Earth.


The capital of the moon is New Paris. Due to their insistence of keeping the sentimental ambiance, the moons inhabitants (mainly Human) do not allow "futuristic" (on 18th century terms) technology on the moon, except for special purposes.

Transporter are incapable of working throughout the moon to keep people from transporting in or out, except for the one transporter in New Paris. Also in New Paris is the municipalities of the moon, including the only court house.

Due to its out of the way nature, the moon was home to some of the Federations most advanced communications technology near the end of the 23rd century. This included a series of sophisticated satellites that orbited the moon.

The moon has an immense staff, all dedicated to keeping the moons ambiance within the "theme" constraints, such as restaurant owners, and Harbormasters.


Its creators purposefully put it in an out-of-the-way sector of space within Federation territory. By the mid-23rd century, it was a very popular tourist spot, heads of state of different alien planets occasionally stayed there.

The moon has several small islands surrounded on all sides by miles of water, which house large ancient-French style castles that can be rented by visitors.

In late 2267, Kradian Daleel P'Thall came to Versailles where her lover, Aaron Cole, worked as a Harbormaster. Most of her family later rented a castle on an island on the direct-opposite side of the moon from New Paris. Daheel's father, Sahirn was a economical celebrity, and while visiting, attended an Opera at the Opera house in New Paris. After the opera, which his daughter did not attend, she was found dead.

The trial which had Versailles and Sahirn prosecuting Defendant Aaron Cole of murder charges (defended by Attorney Samuel T. Cogley) showed that Sahirn in fact murdered his daughter, using his technical skills to jury-rig the Satellite systems to beam him across the entire moon, and back.

Sahirn was later prosecuted, and to avoid the shame of being tried on his home planet of Krador, he refused extradition, and was tried on Versailles. (TOS novel: The Case of the Colonist's Corpse)

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