Virchan was a human living on Vulcan, known as a Nobel Laureate poet helping humans understand the Vulcan mind.

Likened to "the Bach of poetry" because of her coldly logical poems and the mechanistic structure of Bach's work, her poems are structured on a mathematical pattern that early critics decried them as "contrived". However this was changed with her poem, "Stellar Chrysalis". (TOS video game: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary)

One of her poems, "Oxygen Ladders" narrated the disaster of the SS Fraser. (TOS video game: Star Trek: Judgment Rites)

Virchan is mentioned in the computer entry of the game Star Trek: 25th Anniversary. The entry on "Vulcan" mentions her as a human living on the planet, however the entry on "Virchan" mentions her of the Vulcan race"

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