The Virtues of the Way are four basic concepts of D'era which are taught to every Romulan when they are born.

These virtues include:

  • Devotion requires loyalty to ones family which strengthens as well as unifies the Romulan Star Empire. This requires loyalty to the state and willingness to serve as well as obey the law faithfully. In many ways, it teaches Romulan citizens to be patriotic to the Empire.
  • Allegiance is a component of Imperial justice that requires the payment of debts, keeping sworn oaths and the performance of all duties that are contracted. As such, it serves as the foundation of Romulan life; both private and public. Breaking an act of allegiance is not only a violation of another's rights but a crime against Romulan society itself.
  • Discipline adds to the aspect of Allegiance and represents self control as well as self possession along with a dignified view of life. Individuals are expected to form their own destiny's and to not put stock in luck.
  • Fidelity is a second further addition to Allegiance which asks that focused on determination and perseverance in any circumstances which guides a Romulan's everyday life. It requires that the Romulan people are to do whatever is necessary to succeed. This is simply a necessity and is the source of other races' opinion that the Romulans are sneaky, cruel and dishonorable.

These Virtues of D'era are less concerned with spiritual growth and more focused on the development and expansion of the Romulan Empire across the stars.

(Last Unicorn RPG: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

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