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A Virus is a submicroscopic parasitic particle which infects the cells of lifeforms to replicate. Whilst viruses do contain basic genetic material they do not form so much as a cell and rely on the cells of other organisms to survive and as such are not technically considered lifeforms themselves.

Viruses are common throughout the galaxy and whilst not all are harmful some can cause severe illness.

Examples of VirusesEdit

  • In 2154 the Klingons attempted to genetically modify themselves using gene therapy based on genetic samples from human augments. One test subject was suffering from Levodian flu which combined with the gene therapy treatment to create a highly contagious and deadly new virus. The plague quickly spread to many worlds in the Empire before a cure was devolped. Whilst the deadly effects of the virus were nullified the cure could not reverse one unusual side-effect; Infected Klingons lost there cranial ridges. And as the effect was at the genetic level their children would have the same disfigurement. A cure for this particular effect was not developed until the late 23rd century. (ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence")

Other VirusesEdit

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