The Visionist Party was a political group that existed within the Andorian government. By the 24th century, they were noted as being a vocal opposition to the Modern Progressive Party with their movement gaining enough votes in the planetary districts that gave them a great deal of political power in the government. The Visionists still acknowledged the ancient hereditary royal lines and paid honor to the descendants of those families. As such, they valued tradition above all else and held a great deal of influence in the older regions of the Andorian homeworld.

In 2376, the party sought to recall the ruling Progressive cabinet along with Charivretha zh'Thane Federation Council seat. This was because they claimed that zh'Thane had lost touch within the Andorian people and had become a tool of the United Federation of Planets as well as was not serving in the best interests of the people of Andor as their representative. To support this case, they used the fact that Thirishar ch'Thane had refused to return to Andor for the Shelthreth ceremony as proof that Charivretha had not only failed as a Councillor but as a parent. (DS9 novel: Andor: Paradigm)

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