Vodis Vodanis was a 23rd century Sordinian male. By the 2250s, Vodanis served as the Prime of Sordinia IV.

In the early 2250s, Vodanis was elected as Prime of Sordinia IV and served as the leader of his people. Shortly after, the United Federation of Planets established contact with Sordinia and began making overtures with them for admission to the Federation. Vodanis welcomed the Federation envoys with open arms and came to understand them, as well as helping them to understand Sordinians. Although some of his counselors were unsure, he was able to convince them of the advance of science, trade, culture and more importantly, defense that the alliance could bring. Soon after, Sordinia IV joined the Federation.

Over the next five years, Vodanis was seen to be proved correct as pirate attacks had ceased and, with Federation aid, elegant new buildings had been constructed in the planet's capital city as the planet's natural mineral wealth was finally being utilized by its rightful inhabitants.

Following the arrival of six unknown alien satellites in orbit in 2257, Vodanis contacted Admiral Blosser at Starbase 23 and requested Starfleet's immediate assistance in determining the aliens intent. As he waited, Vodanis found himself having to try and assuage the fears of his people and, following the arrival of the USS Constitution, he pressed Captain Augenthaler and Commander Akira Hirota in helping him. Soon after, the capital city came under fire by the satellites, but Vodanis managed to survive the bombardment. After the Constitution had succeeded in destroying the satellites, Vodanis asked Augenthaler to remain behind and offer any assistance he could in repairing the damage. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)