Star Trek: Voyager being the youngest series to be produced in Comic form didn't have many opportunities to get published but still managed to get a respectable number of comics out under Marvel and WildStorm.

List of ComicsEdit

Marvel ComicsEdit

  1. The Storm by Laurie Sutton
  2. Under Ion Skies by Laurie Sutton
  3. Repercussions by Laurie Sutton
  4. Homeostasis, Part One by Howard Weinstein
  5. Homeostasis, The Conclusion by Howard Weinstein
  6. Relicquest, Part One by Ben Raab
  7. Relicquest, Part Two by Ben Raab
  8. Relicquest, Conclusion by Ben Raab
  9. Dead Zone by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton
  10. Ghosts by Laurie Sutton
  11. Leviathan, Part One by Laurie Sutton
  12. Leviathan, Part Two by Laurie Sutton
  13. Telepathy War Part 5: Cloud Walkers by Laurie Sutton
  14. Survival of the Fittest, Part One by Laurie Sutton and Gwen Sutton
  15. Survival of the Fittest, Part Two by Laurie Sutton and Gwen Sutton

WildStorm ComicsEdit

Star Trek comics
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