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The Arduous Journey of T'lana on the Road to Enlightenment, or Vulcan Love Slave was a work of erotic fiction by an anonymous author. The book is widely enjoyed in Ferengi culture. (DS9 novel: Legends of the Ferengi)

The holonovel adaptation of Vulcan Love Slave inspired at least two sequels, Vulcan Love Slave, Part II: The Revenge and Vulcan Love Slave, Volume III, which featured characters such as T'lana and Shmun. (DS9 episodes: "The Ascent", "Doctor Bashir, I Presume", "The Emperor's New Cloak")

Several possible authors have been named for the original novel, including the Vulcan poetess T'vora, Grand Nagus Zek, and literary critic Iskel. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

A lesser-held theory is that the original story was written by a 22nd century Ferengi named Krem. (DS9 novel: This Gray Spirit)


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