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The Vulcan shuttle was a Confederacy of Vulcan shuttlecraft in service during the 22nd century. It was used in planetary operations and as a transport, and was also carried aboard Suurok-class starships as part of their embarked craft complement.

In the year 2151, a shuttle of this type from the Sh'Raan docked with the Earth Starfleet vessel Enterprise to collect Ambassador V'Lar. (ENT episode: "Fallen Hero")

In 2154, Ambassador Soval was transported to the Vulcan High Command building on Vulcan in one of these shuttles. (ENT episode: "Awakening")



Starship classes of the Confederacy of Vulcan
By name D'KyrD'VahlKarekhMaymoraMerchantSitarSovalSuurokT'KarathT'PariT'Plana HathTal'KyrToj LolVoroth VulcanIDIC
By type Protectorate ringshipVahklas typeVulcan probe shipVulcan robot shipVulcan shuttleVulcan survey ship

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