The Vulpecula was a Ferengi-built, Profit-class freighter in service during the 2370s. Though technically under the command of Captain Rivers, Second Mate Wayne Omthom was the Vulpecula de facto master. The Vulpecula was a small ship, and the bridge only had space for two people at a time.

In 2376, the Vulpecula was transporting reactor cores to Cardassia Prime along with another vessel, the Arch-Merchant. Due to the importance of the mission in rebuilding the Cardassian Union, the two freighters were escorted by the USS Lincoln. En route, the Lincoln was engulfed by the Enigma vessel. Despite Captain Rivers' protestations to continue on to Cardassia, Omthom decided to take an EVA suit and investigate. When Omthom himself was engulfed, the Vulpecula waited until the USS da Vinci arrived. (SCE eBook: Enigma Ship)

By mid 2377, Omthom had taken full command of the Vulpecula. (CoE eBook: The Light)

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