Vung was a Ferengi male.

In 2370, he had drink at Quark's, where Quark told him to hurry up and leave, because Vung was considered bad luck. In fact, his name was considered a dirty word in some quarters of Ferenginar. However, he used to be a very successful and wealthy trader. But he had gained all his wealth through luck, a lucky talisman in fact. One night while Vung was sleeping a Cygnetan dancing girl stole the charm from his neck. However, the charm itself was not lucky; it was the chain and charm together that brought luck. By themselves, they brought bad luck. Soon, Vung lost all his money and more of his deals fell through. It was said that some people shared his bad luck if they stood too close to him. Despite knowing the chain was unlucky, Vung kept wearing it. Thus, he was considered a jinx. Upon leaving Quark's, he did not pay, but Quark said it was worth it just to have him leave.

Later Vung knocked Ensign Tolland unconcious and kidnapped Talis Dejana. He tranquilized her and put the device on her, and then carried her right out of the infirmary unnoticed. When he delivered the bidding invitations, he would leave her hidden but uncloaked while he used the cloaking device on himself. When he finished delivering the notes, he moved her to the runabout service station and left her cloaked. After being apprehend for kidnapping, he was sent to a Federation outpost to stand trial. (DS9 novel: Warchild)

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