The w'lash'nogot was a form of ritual suicide practiced in Capellan society. It was considered a sacred expression of love and loyalty to another, and one of the highest honors one could do for a comrade.

In 2349, while stranded on a barren planetoid with fellow USS Wyoming officer Tuvok, Captain Leonard James Akaar attempted the w'lash'nogot so that Tuvok might survive on their limited supplies long enough to be rescued. However, Tuvok was able to revive Akaar, and act which the Capellan believed dishonored him. This incident caused a rift between the two for many years to follow. (TTN novel: The Red King)

In 2381, Akaar suggested that even his performance of the w'lash'nogot would not improve relations between Capella IV and the Federation. President Nanietta Bacco quickly ordered him not to try it. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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