Wayne Sheppard was the human first mate of the SS Xhosa under Kasidy Yates.


In 2372, Sheppard detected the warp shift from the cloaked IKS M'Char that was approaching the Xhosa. Just as twelve Klingons from the M'Char were transporting aboard (with orders from Kaybok to secretly plant an explosive to destroy the Xhosa), Sheppard took the Xhosa to emergency warp, killing the twelve Klingons, who were beamed into space before the M'Char could retrieve them. (DS9 novelization: The Way of the Warrior)

Sheppard later took over running the Xhosa while Yates raised her daughter Rebecca. In 2383, Sheppard attended his sister's wedding on Alpha Centauri. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Plagues of Night)


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