Waypoint, Issue 1 is the first issue of the Waypoint series published by IDW Publishing.

Description Edit

First, a NEXT GENERATION story by Donny Cates and Mack Chater. Unable to decipher a mysterious ship’s coded messages, Starfleet has enlisted its two greatest scientific minds, Captain Geordi La Forge and his best friend Data, to investigate. What they discover will alter the course of scientific human history as we know it!
Then, an ORIGINAL SERIES story by Sandra Lanz, where a crewmember, stranded on a strange planet, encounters a bizarre alien creature. They must learn how to interact, but how?

Summary Edit

"A "Waypoint" is a stpping place on a long journey. Over the past 50 years of the mst exciting journeys in all of entertainment have taken place in Star Trek films, TV series, novels, and of course -- comics. Star Trek: Waypoint, IDW Publishing's new anthology series, offers us a stopping point on this wnderful 50 year journey. A place to stop and reflect on what's come before, and look ahead to the NEXT 50 years of Trek. Join us!"
Group Editor Sarah Gaydos[src]

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Star Trek: Waypoint Comics
#1 ("Puzzles" & "Daylily") • #2 ("The Menace of the Mechanitrons" & "Legacy") • #3 ("Mother's Walk" & "The Wildman Maneuver) • #4 ("The Fragile Beauty of Loyalty" & "Mirror, Mirror, Mirror, Mirror") • #5 ("Frontier Doctor" & "Come Away, Child")

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