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Space, the final frontier… and on that frontier and beyond, humans and aliens alike need medical care. Enter Leonard McCoy, Doctor of Space Medicine, late of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE… his first assignment: save the human colonists from a mysterious plague on a distant world whose only native lifeform is a vast and suddenly hostile jungle. Shipped with a special variant Byrne “gag” cover!


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James T. KirkLeonard McCoyJon Mikael DuncanTheelaLars VandernetChen Wa VandernetBen Wilkes

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Starfleet HeadquartersEarthOmicron Testus IVOphiucus III

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United Federation of PlanetsStarfleetFrontier Medics Program

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Saurian brandy



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First issue in the series
TOS comics
Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor
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  • This issue was released in four covers, all by John Byrne. The two primary covers were available equally. The third cover, an uncolored version of the B cover, was available as a retail incentive. The fourth cover, which featured the B cover art from all four issues of the miniseries, was released exclusively at the Diamond Retailer Summit at the 2010 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.

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