Werron was a male Bajoran Vedek who lived in the 24th century. He spent twenty years of his adult life in meditation at the Retollan Monastary where he contemplated a number of visions which he claimed he received from the Prophets. After his emergence into Bajoran society, he caused a stir amongst both the religious circles and the military as he sought to prosecute the Cardassians for war crimes committed on Bajor during the Occupation.

In 2372, he traveled to Deep Space 9 during the peace negotiations between the Cardassian Union, Maquis and the United Federation of Planets. Werron's actions at the time incited the Bajoran population as he sought the capture of the Cardassian representative, Gul Mekkar who was suspected of being the Butcher of Belmast; a tragedy during the Occupation that saw the deaths of thousands of Bajoran workers. His actions eventually led to him kidnapping Mekkar and taking him to the city of Belmast in order to prosecute him for his supposed crimes. It was eventually revealed that despite the name and apparent similarity, Rel Mekkar had not been at Bajor during the suspected crime and instead his relative Ren Mekkar had committed the crimes. (DS9 novel: The Heart of the Warrior)

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