Weylyn was a humanoid squire who became a knight of Starfleet on a planet located in the Delta Quadrant.


Weylyn was a squire to the knight, Sir Koros. He went with Sir Koros to a destroy a dragon like monster. Weylyn tried to convince Koros not to attack him without help. Weylyn stood by as he watched Koros fight the monster till he was mortally wounded. As he rushed to help Koros, he saw a wizard who called himself a doctor come down and wound the dragon. The Dragon then destroyed the Doctor's phaser, but was killed by Weylyn with his sword. After that Weylyn took the Doctor to his liege at a castle. At the castle, Weylyn was blamed for causing Koros's death. He also told his liege about the doctor's search for the Blind Tower. Weylyn was attacked by some other squires. He was then rescued by the doctor. Weylyn then went at the Doctor's request with him on his quest to the blind tower. They rode on horses towards the Blind Tower. The Doctor then name Weylyn as a Starfleet Cadet. As they approached the Blind Tower, Weylyn subdued on the guards, Kai. The doctor was then able to persuade Weylyn to spare his life in return for his services. Weylyn, the Doctor, and Kai then made their way into the Blind Tower. After the Doctor was able to make contact with the USS Voyager , Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and Seven of Nine then arrived to help the Doctor. Weylyn offered his services to Capt. Janeway. Before leaving, the Doctor, then named Weylyn, Lieutenant of Starfleet. After the doctor left him and the guards, Weylyn took his head ornament. After that he became a liege of Starfleet, with Kai as his 1st officer. He and his knights of Starfleet then sailed on ship at night to seek out new cultures and new people. (VOY comic: "Avalon Rising")

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