The Weyries were an offshoot of the Naxeran race, native to the planet Naxera. Like the Naxerans, the Weyries had a set of frills extending horizontally on either side of their noses. However, rather than dark skin and gold-colored eyes, the Weyries had white skin and blue eyes. The Weyries also slept and dreamt, unlike the Naxerans. This contributed to a greater number of Weyries suffering psychiatric problems, and also fueled the prejudices they faced from the Naxerans.

Weyries and Naxerans were able to mate together and crossbreed. Pahl, a young male born in the early 24th century, was the product of such a mating, and as a result, had blue eyes and light-brown skin. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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