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Introduction (blurb)Edit

The Starship Enterprise is humanity's flagship -- the first vessel to begin a systematic exploration of what lies beyond the fringes of known space. Led by Captain Jonathan Archer, eighty of Starfleet's best and brightest set forth to pave humanity's way among the stars. Tempered by a year's worth of exploration, they are a disciplined, cohesive unit. But now one of their number has fallen.

Bad enough that Ensign Alana Hart is dead. Worse still that she died while attempting to sabotage the Enterprise -- and at the hands of Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, the ship's armory officer and her nominal superior. Even as questions swirl around Hart's death, Archer, Reed, and the rest of the Enterprise crew find themselves caught squarely in the middle of another tense situation- a brutal war of terror between two civilizations.

But in the Eris Alpha system, nothing -- and no one -- are what they seem. And before the secret behind Ensign Hart's demise is exposed, Reed will be forced to confront death one more time.


Reed takes it upon himself to get to know one of his staff, Ensign Hart, who is something of a loner. The pair become attracted and Hart confesses that, on her previous assignment the Achilles, she killed two Vulcan hostages she mistook for pirates, an incident that was covered up by Starfleet. Reed puts an end to their burgeoning romance because it conflicts with regulations and Hart requests a transfer.

First, Enterprise answers a distress call from an outpost belonging to a race known as the Sarkassians. During an away mission, in addition to several dead Sarkassians, Reed finds an unconscious Hart and a comatose alien. The Sarkassians identify the alien as Goridian, a member of the Ta'alaat race they are at war with and the person responsible for the outpost's destruction. Hart awakes with amnesia and then tries to fire on the Sarkassian ships. She dies after Reed shoots her with a phase pistol set on stun.

Ambassador Valay and Commodore Roan of the Sarkassians board Enterprise but then kills Goridian when they are alone. She then turns on Roan and strands him at the outpost. Enterprise rescues him and Roan explains the origin of the conflict: The Sarkassians discovered the Ta'alaat homeworld was home to the technology of the long-dead Anu'anshee race and they sought to appropriate it. However, the Ta'alaat workshipped the Anu'anshee as gods and saw the use as blasphemy, starting a holy war. Now the Sarkassians are on the verge of civil war between those who favour changing their policy and those who favour all-out war. However, Valay is acting without authorisation.

Reed and Roan return to the outpost but are ambushed by Valay, who kills first Roan and then her own men. Reed finally realises the truth: Goridian used the Anu'anshee technology to transfer his consciousness into first Hart and then Valay. He plans to make it appear Starfleet has allied themselves with Roan's faction and trigger off a war with Valay's faction. He attempts to transfer his consciousness to Reed but Hart's consciousness is revealed to have moved to Reed when her body died and transfers to Valay/Goridian, holding him in place long enough for Reed to kill him. The Sarkassians accept Archer's explanation for what has occurred and war is averted.



Jonathan ArcherAshBishopCarstairsColCravensElizabeth CutlerDiazDuelKostal GoridianAlana HartHessKellanTravis MayweatherNatirDonna O'NeillPerkinsPhloxMalcolm ReedRoan S'acreeSantiniHoshi SatoValay ShumaT'PolCharles "Trip" Tucker III
Referenced only 
AyersChefWinston ChurchillJulian S. CorbettMaxwell ForrestJ.F.C. FullerGodMercantor GolBasil Liddell HartJonathan HartNicole HartKlaangLevyJon LymanJohn MayhillZobral

Starships and vehiclesEdit

AchillesAmileus (Striker-class) • Apollo Lunar ModuleBrosmanCressotiEnterprise (NX-class) • Shuttlepod 2Talbot (Defender-class) • Haven (Relayer-class) • Shi'ar


ArcturusCamusChampagneCochrane Research FacilityDar ShalaanDenobulan clusterDinai StationEris Alpha systemEris Alpha IIIEris Alpha IIIaEris Alpha PrimeEuropa BaseFranceHellKandogeLake ArmstrongLunaOndahar VIIPerth UniversityQo'noSRisaSan FranciscoSirius IVSussex

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Central CouncilEarth StarfleetECONExecutive CouncilRoyal NavySarkassian EmpireUnited States Navy

Other referencesEdit

Apollo programcanarycatchampagnecoffeecoffincoveralldiaphragendilithium crystalduraniumEEGEM-33England in the Seven Years' Warflashlightfried chickenhorsejamlasagnalilyMeasuring Quantum States Within Bioelectric OrganismsmeatloafmilkNew Year's EvePADDphase cannonphondrikaarphoton torpedopirateplasma chargerratroberoller-coastersandwichsilversugarthermostitaniumtoastWorld War IIIworm

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