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Who's Who in Star Trek, Issue 1 was the first of two parts in a reference work encyclopedia of Star Trek published by DC Comics in 1987 to celebrate Star Trek's 20th anniversary, containing information on characters, species, ships and organizations from the original star trek series, the animated series, DC's own line of comics, a number of novels and the four star trek films which had been released so far. Each article included a piece of art work by various artists showing the subject in a variety of perspectives and in various situations.

The issue was edited by Robert Greenberger, with research and writing by Allan Asherman. The cover was a painting by Howard Chaykin, color art was provided by Michele Wolfman and copyedits and typesetting were by Carl Gafford. Steven Bové was the issue production artist.


The issue began with an introduction by editor Greenberger describing the history of Star Trek and DC Comics' publishing of Star Trek comics throughout the 20th anniversary of the franchise. Also introduced were the credentials of the staff, including a selected bibliography of author Asherman's work.




Anan 7AndreaApolloRobert AprilSarah AprilArex Na EthArtemisDavid BaileyNilz BarisBalokBeachJohn BearclawLila BearclawWilliam BearclawBeleSamuel BomaRuth BonaventurePhillip BoyceAndre BryceNancy BryceChristine ChapelPavel ChekovCocheseSamuel CogleyZefram CochraneRobert CraterArne DarvinRichard DaystromJane DeckerMatthew DeckerWillard DeckerElizabeth DehnerGerald DehnerDeLambreElaanCharles EvansJohn FarrellBenjamin FinneyJamie FinneyC.S. ForesterStephen GarrovickGavGemJohn GillAmanda GraysonPhillip GreenGuardian of ForeverPaul HarrisHenryIliaJoachimCyrano JonesKahless the UnforgettableKaloKangRayna KapecLenore KaridianEdith KeelerThe KeeperLee KelsoGenghis KhanAurelan KirkGeorge Samuel Kirk, Sr.George Samuel Kirk, Jr.James T. KirkPeter KirkWinona KirkKodosKolothKonomKorKoraxRoger KorbyMagda KovacsJojo KrakoKrasKrellKrugeThomas KyleLalLandruThomas LeightonFrank LeslieJanice LesterLetoAbraham LincolnArlene LoLokaiLurryMaabMaraCarol MarcusDavid MarcusAngela MartineDavid Andrew McCoyGillian McCoyJoanna McCoyLeonard McCoyMarla McGiversEve McHuronGary MitchellMiramaneeMarlena MoreauMarlena Moreau (mirror)Harry MorrowHarry MuddNatiraNoguraNomadHoward OgdenBela OxmyxNancy PaganoCarolyn PalamasPanChristopher PikeMark PiperPeter PrestonPetriRaintreeMira RomaineJackson RoykirkRukSaavikElias SandovalSarekMontgomery ScottShrasKhan Noonien SinghSpockS'sleeAndrew StilesStoneCaptain StylesHikaru SuluSurakTepoClark TerrellThannThimonRobert TomlinsonT'PauRonald TraceyTrelaneStephen TurnerTyreeNyota UhuraValkrisRobert WesleyYarnekZaboZarZarabethZeusZoraZor-Khan

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS ConstellationUSS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSS FarragutUSS ExcaliburUSS HoodUSS LexingtonUSS Potemkin
other vessels 
HMS Bounty (B'rel-class bird-of-prey) • USS Enterprise (Declaration-class liner) • USS Excelsior (Excelsior-class explorer) • FesariusUSS GallantUSS Grissom (Oberth-class research vessel) • GalileoIKS Gr'oth (D7 battle cruiser) • IKS Klothos (D7/D5-class battle cruiser) • USS Reliant (Miranda-class cruiser) • USS Republic (Constitution/Baton Rouge-class training vessel)



David Marcus Research Center for Advanced GeneticsStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Commander's School

Planetary locations and settlementsEdit

Cleveland, OhioEl Paso, TexasGreeceNew York CitySan FranciscoGoteborg, SwedenStockholm, SwedenHigh Point, North Carolina
Delman, Newstate

Planets and planetoidsEdit

114 Delta VAndorBabelCentaurus IVCheronCoridan IIIDelta Vega IEarthEdosFirst Federation homeworldOmicron Ceti IIIPollux IVTaurus IIThasusVega IVZetar

Stars and systemsEdit

114 DeltaAlpha CentauriAndor systemBabel systemBeta TauriCoridan systemDelta Vega systemEdoan systemFesarius systemPolluxSolVega

Races and culturesEdit

AndorianandroidDeltanEdoanElasianExcalbianFabriniGornGreek GodsHortaHuman (RussianSwedishNative American: ApacheCherokee) • IotianKlingonMegasoidRigellianRomulanTaurean anthropoidsTellariteThasianTholianVulcanZetarian

States and organizationsEdit

First FederationFederation Science CouncilkaylarStarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weaponsEdit

androidcardiostimulatordiagnostic bedduotronicsphasershuttlecraftstarshiptransportertricorderwarp drive

Materials, substances and energiesEdit

dilithiumphaser coolantplastiskin

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralambassadorcadetcaptainchief engineerchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommodorecommunications officercrewmandoctorengineerensignexecutive officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commandermidshipmannavigatornursescience officer


V'Ger Encounter

Other referencesEdit

astrophysicsbridgecelestial mechanicsCeti eelcucumberflabjellahGeneral Order 7Hoystadt Children's HospitalhumanoidKobayashi Maru scenarioplanetpsychologyscotchsickbayspacestarstar systemstardateStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Academy Command SchoolStarfleet Academy Medical SchoolvodkaFederation Starfleet ranks (2240s-2260s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2260s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2270s)Federation Starfleet ranks (2270s-2350s)Starfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2240s-2265)Starfleet uniform (2265-2270)Starfleet uniform (Early 2270s)Starfleet uniform (2278-2350s)uniformranktimetechnologyweaponlifeformgovernmentnation-stateraces and culturesreference stardateyearcenturydecade


approximately 5000 BC 
Apollo and his fellow Beings visit Earth in the guise of powerful Gods.
circa 28th century BC 
Zarabeth is exiled to the distant past of Sarpeidon, where she lives out her life and eventually dies in a fall. Her only visitors in exile were Leonard McCoy and Spock. Zarabeth gave birth to Spock's son Zar and raised him to be a teenager before her death. Spock and McCoy eventually found records of Zar's solitary life, and went back in time to rescue him, bringing him into the future with them. (as referenced in TOS episode & Star Trek 4 novelization: All Our Yesterdays; TOS - The Yesterday Saga novel: Yesterday's Son)
20th century
Earth historians theorized the Greek Gods could have been powerful ancient space travelers.
21st century 
Upheavals in population lead many open North American lands to be reinhabited by Native Americans.
reference stardate 2188 SFC 
USS Enterprise commissioned.
Enterprise contacts the First Federation
Encounter with Apollo at Pollux IV
Babel Conference of Coridan's admission.
stardate 2124.5 (2267
Trelane encounters the USS Enterprise after attracting the starship to his planet. (as referenced in TOS episode & Star Trek 11 novelization: The Squire of Gothos)
stardate 5693.2 (2268
The USS Enterprise investigates the missing USS Defiant and faces off against three Tholian web spinners. (as referenced in TOS episode & Star Trek 5 novelization: The Tholian Web)
stardate 5725.3 (2269
The USS Enterprise encounters the energy-lifeforms of the Zetarians, who attempt to possess the body of Lieutenant Mira Romaine. (as referenced in TOS episode & Star Trek 6 novelization: The Lights of Zetar)
Robert April travels aboard Enterprise.
V'Ger Encounter



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